Name the Litter

     This winter we adopted a sled dog from Black Magic Kennels.  Josh thought since we adopted a dog we should be able to bring it home with us but that wasn’t the terms of this adoption.   Our friends Mark and Mary Black who own and operate Black Magic Kennels came up with the idea to let people adopt dogs and then the dogs would send their adopted families updates on how the race season was going.  A portion of the adoption costs were given to Pink Paddles to donate money to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Black Magic Kennels and Pink Paddles also sponsored the First Annual Mush for a Cure together this past winter.    

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Some of you may remember we made a trip out to Black Magic Kennels to pick the dog we wanted to adopt.  It was a tough decision because there are so many wonderful dogs at their kennel.  After much debate we chose to adopt Zena.  Boy are we glad we did because now we will have adopted grand pups.  Yes, Zena is pregnant with little ones on the way soon and we’re very excited.   

  Abby thinks since we are the adopted grandparents we should get one of the puppies.  Unfortunately for Abby, that’s not going to happen.  However, Mary has graciously given Abby the opportunity to come up with a name theme for this litter.  Each litter at Black Magic Kennels has a theme; the most recent puppies were pasta puppies, Tini & Mac.  

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    Abby has taken this job quite seriously and not only does she want to come up with the theme but also wants to come up with all of the names.  One idea she liked was to name them after hiking trails; Boo(Caribou), Maggie(Magnetic), Honey(Honeymoon Bluff) and so on.  Do you have any good ideas for themes?  I like lake names as well as old-timers of the Gunflint Trail.  I don’t think we have too long to decide since the due date is the 21st of July.  If you have any ideas then drop us an e-mail, we’d love to hear them.