What’s New?

     Things are always changing at Voyageur and I’m happy to say it’s always for the better.  We like to keep things new and fresh on our website, blog and at our place of business.     


 Some of you may have noticed our new sign in the photograph in yesterday’s blog entry.  Andy gets most of the credit for this project and Mike Cichanowski from Wenonah Canoe gets a big thank you for the little canoe on top of the sign.  This new sign makes a great back drop for photos of groups visiting Voyageur.

     The newest edition of the BWCA E-mail newsletter went out yesterday.  If you didn’t receive it then you can check it out on our website and be sure to sign up to receive future e-mail newsletters there as well.  There’s a new photo contest happening online so check out the details on our contest page.  We continually update our last minute specials at Voyageur and you’ll be surprised at the deals that come up at the last minute.  We’ll be adding new items to our online Trading Post since we have many new things available in our store this year. 

     We hope you will be happy with all of our changes at Voyageur.  If you see something you would like to change then please let us know, we’re always open to suggestions.