More Reminders of Home



   The kids and I spent another wonderful day in Florida while Mike was in meetings and classes all day long.  We went to Marine World and saw lots of great sea creatures and then went to a State Park where I was reminded of home…

     The State Park was on a point and had water surrounding it on three sides.  The beaches were deserted and we practically had it all to ourselves.  The sand was as white and soft as snow and rumor has it some fell on the Gunflint Trail yesterday.  There were pine trees mixed in with the palm trees and pinecones along the paths just like at home.  As we were driving out of the Park we saw a deer walking in the brush which reminded me deer hunting season began on Saturday up in our neck of the woods.

     Home is where my heart is and my mind drifts there often throughout the day.  It’s always nice to visit new places and see new things, but there’s no place like home.