Just Like Home, Almost

      Yesterday was another gorgeous, cloudless day in paradise.  Palm trees swayed in the light breeze and the blue water sparkled under the bright sun.  The conference didn’t officially begin until last night at the Presiden’ts Reception so yesterday was a play day for me and the kids. 

     Anyone who reads my blog knows how much Josh loves to fish.  Of course it doesn’t matter where he is fishing so I shouldn’t have been surprised when we walked out onto the pier from our resort and fishing was on his mind.  There was a kind man who graciously allowed Josh the opportunity to use his rod, reel and bait to try to catch pin fish for bait.  Josh had a great time tempting these little fish and actually pulled one in. 

     There was more fishing fun to be found as we were walking the pier back to the mainland.  There was a guy throwing a net out to catch minnows to use for bait.  We stopped and helped out by picking up the minnows that he shook out of the net.  It was great to see all of the kids so interested in the process. 

     I find fishing to be like a foreign language that connects anglers to other anglers.  What kind of bait?  What pound test?  What are you fishing for?  Any luck?  It’s awesome to be able to travel anywhere and be able to form a bond with someone just because they fish.  It’s a language Josh has learned well and I’m not doing too bad at either.