Memorial Weekend in the Boundary Waters

There are plenty of BWCA paddling permits available for Memorial Day Weekend. I wish I were planning to paddle and camp but there are still too many things I need to work on for the season.  There are still tackle orders to place, things to be organized and of course cleaning to be done.

With the ice having just left the lakes the water is very cold. Just ask a couple of our Voyageur Crew members who took a swim the other night while looking at the spawning walleye.  I guess they must have wanted a closer look. I can joke about it because they were fine but not all stories of early season canoe tips have a happy ending. The USFS and all of us at Voyageur want you to be safe this weekend and anytime in the Boundary Waters so remember to be smart and wear your life vest.

Late Spring on Superior National Forest

Memorial Day is coming and what a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors!  On the Superior National Forest, spring beauties are just beginning to pop up through dead leaves and tree buds are swelling.  Campgrounds are open and most of the docks are in.

The ice is gone on most lakes across the Superior National Forest.  However, a few lakes in the far northeast part of the Forest remain entirely or partially covered with ice.  Water levels are high, streams are running fast and water temperatures are very cold.

So, while planning your outing to the Forest, here are some important safety pointers to protect you and your family:

WEAR A LIFE JACKET when boating and have everyone else on board wear one too!
Avoid travel on the remaining ice.  Spring ice is very unreliable, even thick ice in the spring may be weak.
Take extra care to avoid a dunking.  Especially with the late spring this year, water temps are near freezing and it is very easy to become hypothermic after getting wet.
Just in case you do get wet, be prepared with extra clothes, towels, sleeping bags, and ways to get warm – all stored so they won’t also get wet.
Ask the local Forest Service office, camp ground host, or BWCAW permit-issuer about current conditions in a specific area.
Consider the current local weather forecast for northeast Minnesota as you are packing. (See links on our website below)
Also, it’s always a good idea to leave your itinerary with friends, family, or a neighbor.

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