Make Your Own Leader

     Have you ever had to quit fishing because you were out of a particular component of tackle?  I often go out fishing with the bare essentials and one time I didn’t bring along enough steel leaders to attach our spoons to.  I never realized a person could make their own leader until I found this at the On the Lake website. Now I will be able to continue fishing even if I run out of leaders!

I use 10-12 pound test, monofilament line for my snells.  The hook is probably the most important part of the "rig" and I’ve started using a Gamakatsu® #8 as my hook of choice.  It’s razor sharp and the hook-set is quick and clean.  You won’t miss many strikes with this hook!  For purpose of illustration, I’m using a fairly large hook and line here.  However, it really doesn’t make much difference, since the process is always the same.  Click on any of the photos below for a larger image.  

Inserting the line through the eyelet

1. Start by inserting the line down through the eyelet.  

Make a counterclockwise loop

2. Holding the line and shank just below the eyelet with your right hand, grab the end of the line with your left hand and make a counterclockwise loop that is about 2-3 inches in diameter.  Make sure to leave about an inch or so of line sticking out beyond the hook.
step3.jpg (21412 bytes) 3. Now comes the only tricky part.  Using your left thumb, index and middle fingers, wrap the right side of the loop over and around the hook shank and also over the cut end of the line.  The thing that makes this difficult is that the line will have been twisted during this process; it is imperative to not let go of the line.  
step3a.jpg (22264 bytes) 4. You’ll want to make a total of six to eight loops over the shank, each time making sure to take the right side of the loop and wrap it over the hook shank and the end of the line.  The loop you started with will be smaller now, and twisted.  This makes it harder to hold.  

step4.jpg (23452 bytes)

5. Holding the line and shank securely with your right hand, pull the cut end of the line straight out until it is fairly tight.

step5.jpg (22440 bytes)

6. Finally, holding the hook and line now with your left hand, use your right hand to quickly pull the line back through the eyelet and you’ll have the finished product.  

step6.jpg (23212 bytes)

7. Trim the excess line from the hook end.  
step6a.jpg (23209 bytes) 8. You can add beads, spinners, clevis pins and anything else you want to give you the presentation you need for every type of bait, fish and water condition.  

Good Luck Fishing!