Luxury Items for a BWCA Canoe Trip

“What is one luxury item you always bring canoe camping in the BWCA?” That’s today’s question for Voyageur’s Epic Giveaway.

I remember when Mike and I were at our pre-wedding marriage encounter weekend and we took a unique questionnaire. It listed a bunch of things and you had to say whether that item was a necessity or a luxury. Some of the things I listed as a necessity turned out to really not be a necessity when we moved up to Voyageur in 1993.  A washing machine, dishwasher and indoor plumbing I would have considered a necessity but I guess we’re all flexible! After living five years without indoor plumbing it truly was a luxury to have a flush toilet inside of my own dwelling.

What’s a necessity and what’s a luxury when you’re camping in the Boundary Waters? For me, a hammock is a necessity and my camp chair is a luxury. I wouldn’t have to have to bring it along, but it sure makes life in the BWCA more enjoyable and I can’t remember the last time I didn’t bring it along.

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Boundary Waters campsite

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