Legends of the Boundary Waters

     Most people who visit the Boundary Waters have heard of the Rootbeer Lady of Knife Lake.  She was quite popular because of her rootbeer sales as well as her open and welcoming personality.  Her close proximity to Ely and the most populated entry points no doubt also helped her well-known status.

     Not too far from Dorothy, just one lake away, lived Benny Ambrose.  His place was closer to the Eastern edge of the BWCA and he got to it by way of the Gunflint Trail and Saganaga Lake.  Benny was less of a social person and didn’t sell rootbeer so not as many people have heard of him.

     Quetico Park Ranger, Janice, emailed me the link to this YouTube video about Benny Ambrose.  It’s a great historical account of the life of Benny Ambrose.