It’s too hot!

Yes, I mean that it is too hot outside.  Temperatures have been hovering just below 30 degrees and some people may think that is cold.  When a person is out cross-country skiing or snowshoeing then it is anything but cold.  It’s hard to dress for winter activities that involve exercise because you always end up sweating and then freezing when you quit your activity.  When the temperatures are warm like it is now, I get by wearing moisture wicking long underwear and a pair of wind pants with a light jacket.  I can’t have a hat on because it traps too much heat in and I just wear a thin pair of gloves.  When you are heading out in the cold it is best to dress in layers and keep the closest layer next to your body a material that will wick away moisture.  The next layer should be a fleece layer for insulation and then top it off with something that is windproof and waterproof.  If you are dressed in layers then you can always take something off before you overheat.  The key to staying warm out in the cold is to stay dry and do as your mother told you, "Wear a hat!"