Dry Boots=Happy Feet

Anyone who spends much time in the great outdoors knows that it is very hard to keep your feet dry and warm.  When on a canoe trip it is almost impossible to keep your feet dry.  Even if you manage to make it in and out of your canoe without "wet footing" you will invariably find a wet spot somewhere on the portage.  In order to leave as little impact as possible on the trail and to prevent twisting an ankle by trying to avoid the mud, we suggest walking through the water.  Sometimes when you do this water gets over and into your boot.   I recently found a new product that I am very excited to try.  It is called Dryzone Boot Dryers and it requires no electricity.  They are pouches that are filled with a special water-absorbing crystal that when placed inside your boots or gloves will dry them out overnight.  You can use them 4-5 times before you need to re-activate them either in a microwave, on a heat register, or by placing them in the sun.  They are sold by Campmoor and in most REI stores nationwide.  I will definitely be looking for them to use in my kid’s boots for the long winter ahead,