I continue to be amazed by the beauty of my surroundings.  One would think after time the scenery would grow old but each day it looks a little different.  The angle of the sun, whether or not there are clouds, the temperature and many other factors contribute to the ever-changing magical place I call home.

     This morning when I went outside to start the car I stopped dead in my tracks.  The fresh snow on the ground was sparkling as if the flakes were dancing.  It must have snowed an inch during the night and with the outside light shining on the flakes they were aglitter. 

     The other morning it was snowing as we made our way to the bus stop.  Josh could see the flakes falling through the windshield and commented on how they glimmered.  He even noticed how the ones above the headlights were more brilliant and as they fell beneath the headlights they appeard to flicker out like the last embers of a campfire.

     As I look outside my window I see pine trees covered with white shimmering snow.  The Gunflint Trail, the place I call home, is incredible indeed.