I guess I should have made yesterday’s blog a two parter so I could have posted the other half today and not have been so late with this post.  But I didn’t. 

     Thanks so much for the compliments I have received about the story; it’s kind of people to take the time to tell me they enjoy the writing.  One favor I ask of you though, if the blog you like has something sarcastic about Mike in it then please don’t tell him you liked the blog.  He doesn’t usually read the blog but after hearing from a few people yesterday he actually did.  I was busted for making him look bad!

     I am grateful for all of my loyal blog readers.  Another thing I am grateful for is Gene’s IGA store in Grand Marais.  Last night I called Mike to ask him to pick up a couple of items from the grocery store after hockey.  Unfortunately when he got there it was 7:07 PM, 7 minutes after closing.  He saw a person in there and someone still in the checkout line.  He went in and was told they were closing but when he asked if he could just quick run through and pick up a couple of things they obliged.  What a wonderful example of awesome customer service.  Living 56 miles from the grocery store can be a pain, but not when there is service like that.

     This type of service is what I expect when I patronize a business.  I have been told that I have unrealistic expectations but in this case my expectations were actually exceeded.  That takes alot.  Do me a favor, the next time you are going through Grand Marais and need to pick up a couple of groceries, stop by Gene’s IGA and maybe you will be happily suprised too.