How Many Blueberries Does One Need?

I have a problem and I admit it. I’m a hoarder of blueberries. I still have bags full from previous years in the freezer yet I pick more and more. How many blueberries are enough? What do you need to have in order to make it through the winter?  I have no clue. I’ve never even come close to running out of blueberries because I rarely use any.

I think I’m getting a little better though. I’ve let my kids eat some fresh picked berries and I gave someone enough to make a blueberry pie.  I also shared some with Mike so he could make a dessert for someone else’s birthday even though I ate most of it.

Questions float through my mind as the days dwindle on… Do I have enough blueberries? Should I go out and pick more blueberries?  Will there be good berries next summer?  How many more do I need?

Maybe you can help me with my problem by answering this question,  “How many blueberries are enough for you?”