Heel Clicking Works!

     The sun is out this morning and it’s a beautiful day to go paddling.  That’s what happens when we all click our heels together and think positively about the weather.  The sunshine is welcome to stay around as long as Mother Nature promises to keep the earth moist with intermittent rains.  It’s been a huge blessing not to have to worry about fire danger so far this year.  I’ll take a wet basement, soggy shoes and the inconvenience of detours anyday over a forest fire.

     Speaking of past fires…  I walked through some of the burn areas of last spring and have found more blueberry plants than I could ever have imagined.  I guess I didn’t really believe there would be blueberries immediately after the fire yet here they are.  It’s going to be a bumper crop for berries so I better find some people to pick them or the bears will have a feast.  The strawberries along the roadside are blooming beautifully now and soon little red berries will appear, the sweetest berries there are.   

<%image(20080614-Bullwinkle2 - resized pic.jpg|432|324|Diane Brown Photo)%>

  The rain hasn’t slowed the wildlife encounters down.  The moose are out in the swamps and ponds and most groups have reported seeing  them on their trips.  Missy and Maxi are still hanging around and yesterday I thought I saw Missy down in the swamp across the road from 81.  I couldn’t see Maxi so it could be a different moose as it wasn’t the twins and it wasn’t Bullwinkle.  Bullwinkle was hanging out closer to Seagull Creek and Diane Brown got a picture of him to prove it.  There’s another Bullwinkle with a nice rack hanging out in a swamp between Gunflint and Windigo too.  Drive with care because the moose and other wildlife are out there.

     The other day when I was driving to town I almost hit two ducks waddling across the road in the rain.  Why did the ducks cross the road?  I have no idea.  Anyway, keep clicking your heels and come on up and visit us at Voyageur, the weather is still great!