Famous Folks at Voyageur

     When famous movie stars or writers travel the world they like to keep it quiet.  They don’t want to have mobs of fans around every corner so we do our best at Voyageur to make sure their identity and their visit is kept secret.  You would be surprised at how "normal" these people look when they are dressed like every day people and aren’t all made up for the screen. 

     We have been lucky at Voyageur to host quite a few big name people over the years.  Steve King has been a guest of ours since we met him years ago at the Des Moines Sport and Travel Show.  Steve Miller has been coming to Voyageur for years.  Richard Greer was just up on a canoe trip and had a great time.  Bob Evans likes to visit us at Voyageur and says we have great sausage and pancakes.

     This year we had a very famous person come to Voyageur.  It still hasn’t been made public but let’s just say this guy knows Billie Jean and he happened to leave a single glove in the towboat.  He showed us he could do the moondance and he can be heard on the radio.  I may have given you too much information already but he went by an alias of Jimmy Hinshaw so I doubt anyone will guess his real identity.  That guy was alot of fun to have around.

     It’s just so strange how these famous people do not look at all like they do on the screen.  They drive normal vehicles and don’t act anything like famous folks.  Well, I guess that’s ok, it’s easier to keep their identities a secret that way.  You never know when the next famous folk is going to turn up at Voyageur.