Happy Pepper


     I took so many photos of my Aunt Bea’s dogs that I thought I should share some of them.  Each of the dogs has a unique personality and the kids and I loved playing with them.

Elmo and Pepper arrived together although they don’t look like brothers to me.  They love to play together and act like puppies.

Elmo and Happy

Sheba is a sweet, calm and gentle dog. She’s got a big bark but she’s a gentle giant.

Sally is a silly dog who loves to stand up on her hind legs. She loves attention and she’ll get it by jumping up on you if you don’t give her the attention she deserves.

Babe is a shy guy but such a baby. He’s always got a cute look on his little face.

Happy is always happy to give you a kiss. He loves to lick your face and show you how much he loves you.


Both the kids and I were ready to take all of the dogs home with us, unfortunately we couldn’t. Even Rugby got along with the gang of dogs and I’m sure he misses them too.