Gunflint Trail Visitors

If you have ever been to Voyageur or called Voyageur then you know who Marilyn is.  She is the one who keeps the office going; answers the phones, sends out inquiries, takes care of all permits, reservations, office supplies, and the list goes on and on.  Well, some of her family is up for a week stay in our Water’s Edge Cabin.  We had the opportunity to dine with them this week and enjoyed a good meal,  great company, and some vacation stories.  When her brother and nephew were down by the water getting ready to head out fishing they were pleasantly surprised to see an unexpected visitor.  A mother moose and her new born calf trotted right by them and up the hill to the cabin.   Young animals are always a treat to see and moose calves are one of the cutest babies.  They have long, spindly legs and a very large head with enormous brown eyes.  I can’t wait for my chance to see our newest addition to the Gunflint Trail. 


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