Gunflint Canoe Races

We had a terrific time competing at the annual canoe races on Gunflint Lake last night.  This is an event sponsored by the homeowners on the trail to help raise money for the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.  Our staff along with other staff and visitors to the area participated in a variety of events.  The kids enjoyed minnow races, golfers enjoyed the challenge of trying to hit a floating golf ball into a canoe in the middle of the lake and I even tried log rolling.  There were races for kids, young adults, 30-50 year olds, seniors and adult child races.  Abby and Mike took 2nd place in the backwards paddling competition and I took 2nd place in Gunwale Pumping.  Our staff took home a number of wins and I’m pretty sure the travelling trophy will return to Voyageur’s Mantle for yet another year.

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