Forest Fire

We have been experiencing some very hot and dry weather up here at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  That’s why it came as no surprise to see a plume of smoke in the sky yesterday while we were out fishing on Saganaga.  We searched for the origin of the smoke and determined it wasn’t on Sag and it didn’t look like it was on Northern Light Lake in Canada, it was somewhere in between.  The land where it was burning had been burnt by the Sag fire in 1995 and there was not much big stuff left to burn.  Beavers and other fire fighting planes took to the sky to put out the fire that was caused by a lightening strike the previous evening.  Luckily on the night of the 19th we got plenty of rain to cool things off and wet things down.  Wildfires are part of living near a forest and especially in a remote wilderness where access is limited.  We hope we’ll continue to get some rain to keep things wet so we don’t have to have a fire ban or worse yet, a full blown forest fire.