#GLOAT Lake Superior Tweets

Have you heard about the Greatest Lake tweeting? I’ve been following https://twitter.com/LakeSuperior for awhile now and it’s some of the best tweeting I have read. I usually mention the tweets to Mike and he always asks, “Who is it?” To which I reply, “I have no clue, but it’s super entertaining.”  A month or so ago Mt. St. Helen’s decided to tweet and the banter between the lake and mountain were hilarious.

MT. St. Helens…  I’m back bitches.

Lake Superior… Maybe, but you’re only half of what you used to be. And not as pretty.

Lake Superior… I’m not saying size is everything, but… would fit entirely on my third biggest island.

GLOAT stands for Greatest Lake of All Time!

Lake Superior… Sorry, couldn’t hear you, I’m busy making snow so kids can make snow angels and go sledding. What’s going to do, blow her top so people can make ash angels?

Here are a few other random tweets from Lake Superior.
  • I am unthawing.
  • I put the ‘lake’ in lake effect snow.
  • There are 117 million lakes in the world. Only 5 of them are great. And only 1 is superior.
  • Listening to “Oh! You Pretty Things” by David Bowie when I hear the lyrics: “You gotta make waves for the home of Superior” But when I looked it up, the lyrics actually read: “You gotta make way for the Homo Superior” And now I am really confused about my identity.

Kim Ode from the  Star Tribune just published a little interview she had with the tweeter so I thought I’d share.

He preferred to keep his answers fluid, so to speak, and his identity private. We agreed to play along, especially after hearing why Lake Superior seeks this thing called social media.

“Mom just left us here after the Wisconsin Glaciation,” responded @LakeSuperior. “She never came back.”

Also, the account, with more than 18,000 followers, appears to be more popular with Minnesotans than Wisconsinites or Michiganders.

Q: What prompted you to open a Twitter account?

A: It’s actually a funny story. You see, someone actually dropped their phone in me while fishing.

Of all the phones I collect, this one didn’t have a pass code and I was feeling especially curious that day. I was going through their personal information and apps when I came across Twitter. It looked fun, so I created my own account.

Q: Why did you engage with @MtStHelensWA?

A: Ah, yes, Helen was the first tweeting mountain that I had come across. I respect her for coming up with a viral tweet, but I was agitated by the profanity.

I found it to be a good opportunity to poke fun at the idea of how on Earth could a mountain tweet? I didn’t know all of her little mountain buddies would start to gang up on me.

[The profanity refers to the volcano’s profile — “Join me as I become the world’s biggest ash hole!” — and the bullying to other peaks such as @MtBakerWA, @MtRainierWA, @3SistersVolcano, and @GlacierPeak.]

Q: How would you describe your personality?

A: Some folks complain that I have a dry sense of humor. But I am a lake. How could I possibly be dry?


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