Fishing on Saganaga

     I always seem to dream about catching fish and fishing.  They are always big fish and I can usually see them clearly in the water swimming towards my bait.  I even dream about my line getting tangled although I guess I could call that a nightmare.  I think about fishing alot too and love to go out onto Saganaga and try my luck.

     We have the perfect location for fishing on Sag and we’re just minutes from where the State Record Walleye was caught.  That was before they closed the river until Memorial Weekend for the spawn.  Once they did that things got relatively quiet at the end of the Trail because everyone thought they wouldn’t be able to catch fish as easily as when they could fish right in the river where you could see them and your bait below.

     May fishing on Saganaga is still good, sometimes really good to be honest.  The lake trout bite especially well on cisco or spoons right after fishing opener.  Guests frequently limit out each day with nice sized trout   Trolling rapalas or bobber fishing in the shallow bays of Saganaga for walleye usually produces results and chances are there will be a northern pike right in there willing to take a strike at a spoon.

     May is a nice time to vacation on the Gunflint Trail.  There are relatively few people, the wildlife is abundant and the weather can be very beautiful.  The bugs aren’t usually out so hiking and day paddling trips are quite enjoyable. 

     This May and June we have quite a few openings available at Voyageur and we’d love to have you come and stay with us.   There are accommodations to choose from during the Gunflint Green Up and Ham Run,  tand spacious Water’s Edge Cabin is available May 25-30th, leaving on the 31st.  Please call or email to check on the availability as these won’t be available for long.

     Until the ice melts I’ll have to be content to dream and daydream about fishing on Sag.  Since Sag is a border lake the smallmouth bass and northern pike fishing never closes so as soon as the ice melts you’ll know where to find me.