Fish to be Caught

     There are still plenty of fish biting in the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park.   Our guests are catching all sorts of fish and so are we when we have time to fish.   


 Josh has the most time to fish and has caught the most fish of all of us this summer.  He is our resident fisherman and  Voyageur’s Fishing Guide.  Even though he is too young to drive a boat he loves to tell people how to fish from our dock.  He recently instructed a guest who was then able to catch walleyes and smallmouth bass;  the guest was quite impresed. 

     I’m continually impressed with his determination to catch fish.  The only challenge is when we’re in a canoe and he’s just as determined but doesn’t want to help paddle.  I’m looking forward to the time when he can paddle me around in a canoe and when I have as much time to fish as he does!