Fire Stations on the Gunflint Trail

     Some of you may not realize there are 3 different fire stations located on the Gunflint Trail.  All of them are for the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department and are strategically located.  One is located near Popar Lake, the other near Gunflint Lake and the last near Seagull Lake. 

     Each fire hall is set up a little differently and varies in size.  The fire hall closest to us is the one at Seagull Lake and this is the smallest of the 3. It takes a skilled driver to back into the hall without hitting a mirror and in order to get it in you must back right up to the back of the building in order to close the garage door.  It’s a tiny fire hall without any amenities.

     The fire hall at Gunflint Lake is larger and is able to house 2 fire trucks and the ambulance.  There’s a port a potty there for convenience and there will soon be a flushable toilet and shower thanks to some hardworking members of the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.

     Fire Hall 1 which is closest to Poplar Lake is receiving a makeover too.  We’ll be able to have a flush toilet there as well and a better space for community meetings.  These upgrades are going to be very nice not only for the Fire Department but also for the community members.

     The Homeowners like to have a place to hold meetings and in times of emergencies these fire halls act as Incident Command Posts where public meetings are sometimes held.  We’re lucky to have so many supporters of the GTVFD.  The people who live on the lakes put on multiple fundraisers each year in order to help the department operate. Grants have been obtained and donations sought in order to improve the fire stations.

     Thanks to everyone who has helped make the Gunflint Trail an even safer place to visit and live.