Fire Danger Lowered

     The recent forest fires on Gaskin Lake and near Ely in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness put me on edge.  I’m happy to say I’m back in the middle and no longer on the edge with the recent rainfall we have received.

     The past couple of days we’ve received a significant amount of rainfall. In the past 24 hours .16" of rain has fallen and before that over an inch fell to the ground.

     For the sake of the wilderness canoe campers out there I wish it would rain at night.  It isn’t fun to break down camp and travel when it’s raining but it sure is nice for relaxing and reading a book in the tent. It’s also been good for catching fish if you have a good set of raingear to wear.

     The sun will be out once again and things will dry out.  But for now the fire danger has lowered and that’s a good thing.