Cavity Lake Fire; Sprinklers, T-Shirts, and More

     The new overhead team is cautiously optimistic that they can keep the Cavity Lake Fire from growing.  The weather forecast looks good with high humidity and a chance of rain for the next few days.  With the large number of crews on the fire they are able to make good progress especially when there is cloud cover and light wind.  Seagull Lake is now open to day use paddlers, but all entry points and portages are still closed.

     The Fire Chief informed locals that a team would be coming around to start up wildfire sprinkler systems.  Running a sprinkler system for 24 hours is like receiving 1-2 inches of rain.  It creates an area of high humidity that can slow a fire down and should prevent the structure from burning.  It isn’t a suppression tool but a prevention tool that should be used prior to a fire’s arrival.  Fire crews want to know the sprinkler systems are in proper working order and full of gas in the event they are needed.    

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     Fire crews love their T-Shirts from specific fire incidents and so do visitors to the area.  Here we have it, the Cavity Lake Fire T-Shirt.  You can call and order yours for $15.00.  Call 218-388-2224 or 1-888-CANOEIT toll free.  You can also order it at our online Trading Post.