Camping Essentials

There are many items people consider to be essential when it comes to camping. The thing to remember is there are different types of camping trips.

I tend to look at camping through BWCA colored glasses. I see a new gadget and think, “Too heavy, too bulky or not practical.” But if I look at camping in a camper like my sister likes to do then some of the gadgets might make sense.

My sister bought Pie Irons for her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. Apparently this gadget is the cat’s meow for use around the campfire. You can make all sorts of delicious items in it from sandwiches to cherry pies.

I have never used one before but I might just have to pick one up to use around the campfire when we’re not in the BWCA.

Pie Iron
BWCA Camping? Maybe not.

Grill your favorite sandwiches and mountain pies over a campfire with the Rome ┬« Cast Iron Square Pie Iron. With a large cooking cavity, this mountain pie maker is perfect for grilled cheese, pizza mountain pies- even desserts! The wooden handles won’t get hot, so you’ll stay safe while cooking over an open flame. Enjoying a delicious treat in the great outdoors has never been better than with the Rome┬« pie iron!

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