Bye, Bye Winter

     Today marks the last day of winter and tomorrow is the first day of Spring.  The Spring Equinox is also tomorrow when we’ll experience equal hours of daylight and darkness.  From then on it’s more daylight everyday.  These longer days of sunlight will surely put an end to winter.

     The warm weather and strong rays from the sun have left their mark on the landscape.  The snowbanks are shrinking and the snow on top of the frozen lakes is melting.  The exposed ice without the insulation of the snow to protect it will begin to suffer.  The landscape will continue to change almost on a daily basis. 

     As the snow disappears the ground will reappear.  Mud will surface, trees and shrubs too.  The grass will begin to peek out and before long the lakes will be free of ice and summer will be here.  Seasons come and seasons go so bye bye Winter and welcome back Spring!