Boundary Waters Canoe Routes

This morning we started out with more rain. That seems to be the norm around here and I can’t remember a June where we’ve had this much rain on the Gunflint Trail. I know other parts of the state have set records with this month’s precipitation and according to Paul Douglas, “… much of Minnesota has already picked up a year’s worth of precipitation. At 25.23 inches 2014 is the wettest year, to date, since modern-day records were started in 1871.”

Enough about the weather. I want to talk about Boundary Waters canoe routes because you are my captive audience and will listen to me. Do you sense some bitterness? Today one of my dear Voyageur Crew members asked me to help her pick a BWCA route for a trip on her next day off. I suggested a number of fine routes including entering at Cross Bay and paddling south to Long Island Lake. I told her about entering via Poplar Lake and making a nice loop through Meeds, Caribou and Lizz. I gave her my opinion of a different route that I didn’t think she should take and I thought she was content.

Later in the day I saw her and another employee using valuable internet bandwidth to “google” about Boundary Waters canoe routes! Here she was in the presence of a woman who has traveled nearly all of the BWCA canoe routes off of the Gunflint Trail and she was googling for information. After the sting of the slap in the face I told her to go downstairs and read a guide book to find a good BWCA canoe trip. I was so shocked I didn’t even ask her what website she was looking at, probably a competitors down the road.

In all seriousness the irony is funny. I make my living helping people plan Boundary Waters canoe trips and my own employee doesn’t take advantage of my knowledge. Oh how funny life can be. In spite of the fact “she” doesn’t want my advice I know others do. Why, just today a nice man on the phone wanted me to help him choose a good route and yesterday a woman asked my advice and I bet someone will ask for my help again tomorrow.

I’m glad I’m not a sensitive kind of a person and I hope you’ll still trust me to pick a good Boundary Waters route for you.


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