Bell Canoes

<%image(20070207-c_northwind.jpg|507|176|Bell Northwind Canoe)%>

     "Nothing Moves Like a Bell."   While that may be a true statement as well as their company’s tag line, Mike would still rather offer Wenonah’s in our fleet of rental canoes. 

     We had the opportunity to demo three different types of Bell Canoes last summer and the company was gracious enough to leave three here if we wanted to try them more throughout the summer.  Mike did end up taking one of the canoes on his trip to the Quetico with Abby, but the other two are still in their wrap. 

     Bell Canoe has sold since then and the new owners would rather have us try to sell them rather than come up the Trail to get them.  So for a limited time only we have three brand new Bell Canoes for sale.  I have them listed on our Voyageur Trading Post complete with specifications for each one.  The Bell Website has even more information if you are really interested in owning your own Bell Canoe. 

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     While your shopping be sure to check out the clothing section as I have recently added some of our new deliveries for the upcoming canoe season.