At A Loss

     I haven’t been able to find words worth writing down today.  Maybe that’s because the sun isn’t shining outside or because the forecast for sunshine the rest of the week has been changed to partly cloudy skies?  The temperature is still warm and in the 60’s so I shouldn’t complain but the talk of snow on the ground up north leaves me a wee bit melancholy when thinking of home.

     According to Chelsea the river has frozen and fresh snow is covering the ground up at Voyageur.  It’s a sight I look forward to seeing each year and it gets me excited to pull out all of my winter toys.  Snowshoes and cross country skis are tucked away in the closet still and more snow will need to fall before they can be used but that doesn’t mean I’m not anxious to use them.  With a little help from Mother Nature and the trail groomers the trails will be ready for skiing when I get home; I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

     Until then, I’ll focus on the positive.  No need to shovel or scrape the windshield.