Another Reason Our Lake is Superior

     We know it’s the biggest and now we know it’s the cleanest too! A three year study proves Lake Superior is the cleanest of all of the Great Lakes. We’re so lucky to live near this great lake.

Erie, Ontario Fare Worst in Study of Great Lakes

Lake Superior relatively clean in comparison

By John Johnson,  Newser Staff

Posted Dec 18, 2012 6:26 PM CST

Newser) – A three-year environmental study has produced a color-coded map of the Great Lakes, with Ontario and Erie clearly under the most stress from a hodgepodge of factors, reports the Detroit Free Press. (See the map here.) One big culprit with those two lakes, however, is fertilizer runoff from farms, says a University of Michigan researcher, citing "some of the heaviest loads of phosphorous in North America."

Lake Superior fares the best in the study, with huge swaths of its water a low-stress blue. Then come lakes Huron and Michigan, with most of the latter falling in the second-highest color range of stress. Factors such as invasive zebra mussels, dwindling ice cover, mining, and even light pollution are taking a toll. Researchers say a comprehensive strategy is required for the entire ecosystem, instead of individual ones that focus on just one high-profile issue at a time (like zebra mussels).