Almost Famous Folks at Voyageur

We don’t get too many famous people coming to stay or paddle with Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.  I sometimes think it would be fun to invite Bon Jovi or Brett Favre up for a complimentary canoe trip into the Boundary Waters and the kids would love to meet Rob and Amber from Survivor but we haven’t actively sought out the famous person niche in our marketing efforts.

I have to admit I wouldn’t recognize most famous people anyway.  Unless they were a big thing in the 80’s or 90’s I probably wouldn’t be able to identify them and their secret would be safe with us.  However, this morning we had some almost famous folks at Voyageur you may or may not have heard of or think are famous but we’re making them even more famous by blogging about them!

Have you ever heard of the television show, “Beauty and the Geek?” I hadn’t heard of it until last night when Shawn Bakken told us he had been on the reality television show with that name.  Mike asked him if he was the beauty or the geek and Shawn replied, “Guess.”  So I looked up the television show today and found out that Shawn was indeed a geek on the first season of the television show produced by Ashton Kutcher.  I’ve heard of Ashton because he married Demi Moore(someone from the 80’s).

Hugo Searle who is very famous in my mind.  He has climbed Mount Everest and helped the first Finnish woman summit as well.  He is all about adventure and he should have a huge ego but he acts as if making it to the highest peak in the world is like riding a bike.  I have to prod him for details about all of his accomplishments in climbing and elsewhere.

That’s our short list of famous people at Voyageur this morning.  There are of course other guests who aren’t famous at all but who are just as unique and wonderful as these three individuals.  After all, we aren’t in this canoe outfitting business to meet famous people but if Bon Jovi, Brett Favre or any other famous person wants to take a canoe trip then we’ll certainly help them do so.