Absolutely Wonderful

     How could we ask for anything else when the weather has been so gorgeous?  Sunny skies and warm temperatures have been the norm of the summer with the exception of the 3 nights I decided to go camping with the family.

     We chose a slow time to take a quick four night canoe trip.  The only thing was Mother Nature didn’t realize what we had planned and decided to offer the earth a couple of inches of rain.  Rain wouldn’t have been so bad but the 30 mile per hour winds she threw in weren’t conducive to paddling or even boating for that matter.  We still went camping on Saganaga and although we weren’t able to paddle or fish much we weren’t bothered by any mosquitoes.  The fierce wind kept them and all of us in the tent for the majority of the time.

     Three days in a tent with a family of four may not sound like much fun to some folks.  As most everyone knows I’m a bit strange and thought it was absolutely wonderful.  Playing Hearts, Phase 10, Crazy 8’s and War we had tons of fun.  Reading the book "Hoot" out loud to the family was extremely entertaining and we all still had time for naps, journaling, thinking and reading on our own. 

     While we didn’t make the 30 mile loop we had planned we did manage to travel for 12 hours.  That was when we quickly drove to Valleyfair and back on our last day of camping.  Even I can only take so much rain and family time in a tent before needing to get out and stretch my wings.  That too was absolutely wonderful in its own wild kind of way.