-40 actual temperature

That’s how cold it was last night at the end of the Gunflint Trail. That’s nose hair freezing, instant brain freeze feeling kind of cold. What do you do when it’s that cold outside? If you’re me you stay inside. If you’re a group of young guys who were planning to head into the Boundary Waters to go ice fishing you get up in the morning and go.

That is what my son Josh and friends did on January 23 when the low temperature was a little bit warmer at -36 degrees. Don’t worry, it did get up to 10 degrees and they only had to snowshoe a couple three miles to get to their destination. Once there all they had to do was hand drill holes and then set up their portable ice fishing houses with heaters inside.

They are proof that not all of the younger generation is soft. These are some tough, adventurous young guys. Are they a little bit crazy too? I believe the answer is yes, but that’s ok, the fish tasted delicious just the same.

Want to keep an eye on what the weather is doing in our neighborhood? There’s a weather station at Chik-Wauk you can look up online whenever you’re wondering.