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     There are all kinds of people in the world.   I just don’t know what kind of a person would ask such a question.

Question on yahoo -Hey I have a question about camping up in the Boundary Waters in Canada.?

A few friends and I are going to be camping up in the boundary waters this summer and we wanted to bring some marijuana with us to so we can enjoy the beauty of the natural environment more completely. We are a little nervous though since we don’t know what kind of security we will be going through when we enter Canada, border patrol or even just the Boundary Waters park. If there is anyone who has experience and camped here before could let me know what kind of checks or searches we will be going through at time of arrival it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Rob Jones
camped there about 20 years ago, at that time there was little to no border security. 3 days on lake Namakin in northern minn. I would advise against taking anything like that with you though, 1) it’s gorgeous as it is. and if your impaired you will miss some of the beauty. 2) wildlife. Yes there are VERY dangerous animals in those woods. You might think that a moose would be ok to pet, but ask the moose first. You need your full judgment, and bears don’t care if your smoking pot. 3) The boundary waters are unforgiving. If you have any issues while your out there, you are likely to not be able to call for any help. You need to be on your toes and not allow the circumstances to overwhelm you.