Working the Corner

     It is quite unusual to establish "corners" on the Gunflint Trail but a beauty has placed herself at the intersection of Sag Lake Trail and the Gunflint Trail.  With such little traffic at the end of the Trail it is a wonder why she has decided to stake her claim so far from town where she would probably fare much better.  However, the little traffic there is has been slowing down as this Fox is a head turner. 

     This fox has a variety of techniques for getting vehicles to come to a halt.  One is to saunter in front of the vehicle and when the vehicle slows down she approaches and gives a knowing look with her eyes.  Begging for a hand out she struts back and forth showing off her thick and gorgeous fur coat.  Her other tactic is to lie down on the gravel right near the stop sign.  She sprawls out letting all passer bys see her magnificent legs and perky ears.  It’s difficult to resist her and most people can be seen digging around inside their vehicles looking for a scrap of food with their vehicle doors wide open.  Her patience is often rewarded with leftover beef jerky, bread or whatever can be found on the floor of a vehicle.

     WIth her fluffy tail and sleek body she is sure to be successful as she works her corner.  Although traffic does slow way down this time of the year the neighbors will more than likely keep her looking for hand outs.  So, if you’re traveling this way then don’t be surprised if you see the Fox and feel free to give her a hand out, she expects one.

Foxy on the Gunflint Trail