Woods are Wet

     The woods are wet once again after receiving over an inch of rain yesterday.  I was happy to slosh through mud on my way back to a favorite fishing hole last night since the previous time I had been there it was "as dry as a popcorn fart" as Grandma Darlene would say. It rained most of the day quitting around 4pm with just enough daylight left to take my cousin and his girlfriend fishing.

     It was absolutely beautiful outside after the long day of rain.  The lakes were calm, the loons were singing and even the beaver welcomed us with a slap of his tail.  The northern pike were fiesty and and we even had double smallmouth on at one time. 

     The excellent fishing was interrupted by a grumble of my stomach and when I looked at my watch I saw why, it was 6:30pm.  The old saying goes, "Time flies when you’re having fun."  That was certainly true and we were having such a great time I wasn’t looking forward to leaving.  Then again, whenever I’m out enjoying the peace and serenity of the BWCA I’m never ready to leave but the real world calls.

     Lucky for me my nieces are coming up for a visit this week.  With a little luck and some tweaking of my schedule I hope to be able to get out canoe camping in the BWCA with them.  The weather is suppose to clear up and the temperature is predicted to reach 80 degrees again. That’s fine with me since the woods have received their moisture I’ll take the sun and warmth once again.