Wondering About the Weather

I remember when we used to attend Sport and Travel Shows all over the Midwest. The last time we attended one was before Abby started Kindergarten so it has been awhile.

At the end of the Show season everyone was itching to get back to their resorts and camps to get prepared for the upcoming season. Sitting in a stadium in Des Moines when people are outside raking their lawns just didn’t seem right.

The temperatures would rise up into the 70’s and all we could think of was the droves of paddlers that would soon be at our place. As soon as the last show was over we would hurry north. Signs of summer were all around us even though it was only the end of March or early April.

Of course, the farther north we would travel the less like summer it would look. The snow may have disappeared everywhere else in Minnesota but as we’d drive up the hill out of Grand Marais the scenery would quickly change.

Snow still filled the ditches and blanketed the forest and even though temps may have been warm it still wasn’t anything like the southern part of the state.

It is the same today. While others are experiencing summer like temperatures it’s been nice on the Gunflint Trail.  We’ve had temperatures reach 50 degrees but even last night it dipped back into the teens.  Freezing temperatures at night prolong the spring thaw.

So if you’re wondering if the ice is out the answer is, “No.”  But it will be in about a month. Ready or not it will melt.

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