Wonderful Winter Weekend

     The weather has been gorgeous on the Gunflint Trail.  Mild temperatures have been perfect for playing in the snow.  Friday I took Josh’s class snowshoeing in the woods behind their school.  It was sunny and beautiful and the kids had a terrific time.


     Saturday we took the snowmobiles out to go for a ride.  It was so nice out we decided to head down to Gunflint Pines for lunch.  Josh even stayed warm in spite of the fact he wore shorts beneath his snowpants and had bare feet in his boots. He’s a little Tarzan boy even in the winter and once this year he left a boot outside in the snow. 

     Yesterday the family decided to go ice fishing on Saganaga.  The guys drilled some holes, put up a tent and then the kids were ready to come back for hot chocolate.  Snow fell throughout the day equaling about two inches of new fluffy white stuff.

     This week’s forecast looks wonderful and I’m planning to get outside and go cross-country skiing and maybe even do some winter camping.  I feel badly for those of you who can’t experience all of this winter fun.  Think about coming to visit us at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters during this year’s Winter Tracks or Mush for a Cure.  We’d love to see you make some tracks of your own.