Wonderful Weather Forecast

     It’s going to be a beautiful weekend on the Gunflint Trail.  Sunny skies and temperatures up into the 70’s with a light wind from the South.   This is good news not only for weekend vacationers but also for the Pagami Creek Fire.  

     On the south end of the Pagami Creek Fire it has left the boundaries of the BWCA.  This is a good thing for firefighters because it means great access and the ability to use heavy  machinery to make fire breaks.  Bulldozers can dig lines to secure areas and fire engines can be stationed to patrol any populated areas and protect structures.  With winds from the south predicted for the weekend the fire will blow back upon itself and spread should be minimal.  It appears as though Mother Nature has decided to cooperate with the firefighters on the Pagami Creek Fire.

     The fall colors are appearing on the Gunflint Trail and it’s absolutely gorgeous. We shouldn’t experience smoke over the weekend thanks to a straight wind from the south.  If we do have any smoke then we’re guessing it will be minimal.  Our entry points into the eastern side of the Gunflint Trail are open as well as Sag and Seagull for setting up a basecamp.

     If you’re looking for something to do this weekend then come on up to the Gunflint Trail, we’d love to see you here at Voyageur!