Wonderful BWCA Trip

     I couldn’t have asked for a better three days for a canoe trip.  This weekend was perfect for paddling the Boundary Waters and I am so grateful I was able to take advantage of the opportunity to go canoe camping.  I was able to take my solo trip and had an excellent time.

     The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful than it was over the weekend.  Abundant sunshine during the daytime without a cloud in the sky combined with temperatures in the high 60’s and 70’s made it glorious to be outside.  The lakes were like glass without a ripple on the surface.  The evenings weren’t that cold and it didn’t rain a drop.

     The nights were unbelievably clear and star filled.  It was the first time I ever saw the big dipper on the surface of the water before seeing it in the sky.  It was like floating in space surrounded by stars.

     I wish I could have spent more time out camping as I wasn’t ready to go home.  There is something magical about the Boundary Waters, I hope you’ll come see for yourself if you haven’t already.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area