Winter Moose

     "How many moose did you see on the way to town?"  This is a common question asked amongst the folks who drive the Gunflint Trail in the winter.  An answer to this question may be 2, 4, 6, or even 17, that’s our record number we have seen in one trip to town. 

<%image(20061231-winter cow sm.jpg|200|150|Gunflint Trail Moose)%>

     The moose are abundant on the Gunflint Trail and they love to come out to in the winter to lick the salt off of the road.  Unlike a deer their eyes do not shine when lights hit them so they are very hard to see.  Sometimes they will appear as a large black shadow dashing into the ditch and then into the woods.  Other times they will be down on their haunches licking the road and not even pretend to care if a car is coming around the corner.  Another time the moose may want to trot in front of your vehicle and lead you down the road for awhile.  I guess it just depends upon what type of mood they are in.  

     It’s always a treat to drive the Gunflint Trail but especially so in the winter when you never know how many moose you will see.  Most trips to or from town we encounter more moose then we do vehicles.  What will this year’s record number be?  We’ll just have to wait and see.