Winter Anyone?

I am beginning to sound like a whiner and I apologize in advance.  It’s just that I’m really ready for winter weather and for the lakes to be relatively safe to travel on.  People are heading out on the lakes on snowmobiles, even on Saganaga, one of the last lakes to freeze because of it’s depth.  I just prefer there to be a good 10-20" of ice before I feel comfortable on frozen water.  We just haven’t had the real cold weather we are used to up here to get the lakes good and solid.  Our average temperature for January so far is hovering around 19 degrees!  Normally in January we wouldn’t have seen 19 unless it was below zero.  The temperatures during the day have been reaching 30 degrees and that is just too warm for winter.  I am thankful there is enough snow for snowmobiling and cross country skiing, but I would really like to head across the river to my favorite snowshoe loop.  I may have to give up on the Seagull River and strap my snowshoes to a kayak and head across that way.  OK, I will try not to complain about weather again this month unless I am crying that it is too cold.  Have a great weekend everyone.