Winter Activities with the Family

     If you’re looking to make some tracks in the snow this winter then head north.  The Gunflint Trail and all of Cook County will be celebrating winter during Winter Tracks this February 4-12th.  You can go on a dogsled ride, go snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing or cross-country skiing.

     You can be a part of the winter fun all winter long by participating in the Volkski. See how many of the 430 kilometers of ski trails in Cook County you can ski this year.  Log your kilometers and see where you compare with other skiers in the area and people who vacation up here.

     I’m ranked #3 in the area with 58.62 kilometers of unique trails skied this winter.  That’s pretty good considering I haven’t been able to ski for two weeks because of the massive blisters I received while skiing the 20 miles of Banadad Trail two weeks ago.  I’ve been wearing open backed shoes and my Mukluks since then but my heels are finally recovered so I hope to get out cross-country skiing this coming week.   

     I’ll need to do a quite a bit of skiing to catch up with the #1 ranked skier who has logged 118 unique trail kilometers this winter.  Being #1 isn’t my goal, I just want to ski 200 kilometers of different trails this winter.  The goal on February 12th is to have someone ski all of the 430 kilometers of trails in Cook County.  If you’re in the area then sign up to ski a one of the many trails in Cook County.

     And if you want to head even farther north how about going up to the Quetico Park?  Here’s what they have planned for Febrary 19-20th. 

Quetico Provincial Park west of Thunder Bay, has Frosty February running February 19-20. Igloo building, snow sculptures, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and Snow Snake, a traditional Iroquois game, are some of the activities planned. Two yurts are available for rent. The Log Cabin Nature Centre will be open from 11 am to 5 pm. For further information, contact