Winning Isn’t Everything

     I’m a competitive person and until recently I believed the saying, "Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing."  After losing last night’s softball game I think I have changed my mind. What helped me change my mind was I was able to laugh at myself instead of get mad at myself.  I found laughing at myself made the game fun in spite of losing.

     As a pitcher I feel alot of responsibility and pressure each pitch I throw.  I know if I throw a perfect strike the hitter will most likely get a great hit.  I know if I test the edges of the strike zone I may end up walking someone.  I know when the ball is hit it’s up to the team to make the play and I need to trust in them but it’s a difficult thing to do. 

    We were playing at a short field last night where it’s possible to hit the ball over the fence.  Is it likely?  Not too likely but one girl on the other team did it twice when she had bases loaded.  Should I have pitched to her or walked her? How many people can say they hit two grand slam homeruns in one game?  Thanks to me and her awesome hits she can.

     That’s not the only time I laughed at myself during the game.  I had a nice hit and was content to stop running at third base and had all but stopped when the third base coach told me to run home.  I looked at her and said, "Are you bleeping kidding me?"  She said, "No, GO!" So I did but the time lost in conversation gave the other team enough time to get the ball in to the catcher who was holding it securely in her hand as I approached the plate.  I didn’t have time or energy to get into a hot box situation so I took the third out of the inning.

     One of the next innings as I was running to third I see the same 3rd base coach and thought she was telling me to run home.  When I looked back at her she had a hand up in the motion to stop but was still motioning with her other hand for me to go home(I just got kind of confused and stopped).  Only to see my teammate right behind me almost to third base so I had to run home.  This time I was luckier and I beat the throw to home and was safe.  I thought I for sure was going to get out again at home plate.  

     There were other funny things that happened at the game.  There were conversations on the bench and time spent with my team.  It was fun to be playing ball.  So last night I realized it’s not whether you win or lose or how you play the game, it’s just important to have a good time.  Hopefully I’ll keep that fresh in my mind during this weekend’s Dragon Boat Races and hopefully I won’t have too many opportunities to laugh at myself.