Wildfires in the BWCA

The Alpine Lake Fire has affected a very small portion of the BWCA.  There are still many routes to choose from in the Boundary Waters that are "safe" to paddle including trips with both Saganaga and Seagull entry point permits.  The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is just that, a wilderness area.  Forest fires are a natural occurence and are beneficial to the environment in many ways, in fact Jack Pines can only re-seed if their pinecone is burst open by intense heat.  Most forest fires, if left on their own, will burn out naturally.  The only real cause for concern with the Alpine Lake Fire is the close proximity to the many structures and people at the end of the Trail.  The safety of wilderness travellers is another concern and that is why the USFS has taken extra precautions in closing campsites that are close to the fire.  Our guests who have been out paddling and camping during the fire have had some wonderful experiences.  They have told us about fabulous sunrises and sunsets created by the smoke and haze in the air.  Some guests, while paddling out of Seagull Lake, were held in awe with the aircraft fighting the fire.  Most people have never had the opportunity to see firefighters in action and believe me, it too is an awesome sight.  While wilderness travellers to the end of the Trail right now may not have the exact same wilderness experience that a BWCA trip usually provides, they will have a very unique and wild experience that is a once in a lifetime adventure.