Why Hunt?

     I hunt probably for the same reason that I go downhill skiing, for my children’s sake.  Hunting is a great way to spend time in the great outdoors and can be a life long sport.  Filling a freezer full of meat isn’t the only benefit of hunting, in fact that would be the least important thing to me as a hunter.  I enjoy just taking the time to walk through the woods, breathe the fresh air and get some exercise.  Besides, there’s alot of work involved when you shoot a deer, so I have seen.

     I have hunted for deer numerous times and have yet to have the opportunity to shoot at one.  I have no clue if I would be able to pull the trigger or not.  I have been able to shoot ducks out of the sky so I think I would be able to kill a deer, especially since they are so overpopulated on the Gunflint Trail, but who knows.  I usually get too bored, cold, hungry or tired when I’m hunting but I think I’m going to do it for my children’s sake.

     According to the Minnesota DNR,  "Extensive research about youth participation in hunting has been conducted in recent years, and the results are in. Young people become hunters because adults take them hunting, and the earlier that kids start hunting the more likely they are to hunt for the rest of their lives."

     I think hunting is a good skill to learn and many other lessons can be taught while out in the woods.  I guess I will take the advice of the Minnesota DNR and take my kids hunting or make sure someone else does!

Tips for hunting with youth from the MN DNR- Focus on the young hunter, and make sure that they are comfortable and well rested stay close to them, and emphasize safety at all times emphasize ethics, and demonstrate good conduct in the field take the pressure off them to measure the success of the hunt by the amount of game in the bag make sure their clothing and firearms fit them make sure everyone has fun; hunting shouldn’t feel like work For more information about the upcoming hunting season and hunting regulations, consult the 2008 Hunting Regulations Handbook or go to www.mndnr.gov.