Where There Is Smoke

     There are sure to be fires, five fires if anyone is counting.  Conditions are good for forest fires if you want them to burn that is.  While the Pagami Creek Fire burn out is being conducted other fires near Ely have been spotted.  The High Lake Fire 7 miles NE of Ely,  Slim Lake Fire, North Arm Fire and Lady Boot Bay Fire are all being suppressed at this time. 

     We woke up to thick smoke in the air on the Gunflint Trail this morning.  It brings back memories of past fires in our area. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that for once all of the fire activity will keep away from the Gunflint Trail this time. 

     As I drove the kids to the school bus this morning I mentioned what a beautiful sunrise the smoke was making.  Josh chimed in and said, "And think about all of the good blueberries there will be."

Sunrise on the Gunflint Trail


Pagami Creek Fire Update for September 6, 2011

TODAY’S MESSAGE: Today, the Interagency Incident Management Team will work to complete the burnout operation in the area from the Pagami Creek Fire to Lakes One and Two. Visitors to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness should expect to see and smell smoke again today from both the Pagami Creek Fire and the High Lake Fire. The High Lake Fire is a small fire approximately 7 miles NE of Ely. Three additional small fires were detected yesterday and suppression response was initiated. Paddlers in the Lakes One and Two area will continue to see aircraft and hear pumps running as part of the burn out operation. Public Safety crews will be on the lakes to meet paddlers and escort them across the portages between Lakes One and Two. No closures of the portages are expected.


·Continuing firing operations are expected to begin in the late morning.

·A variety of aerial resources will be used on the burn out.

-Helicopters will be used to ignite the burn.

-A water-scooping tanker called a CL-215 will be scooping water from Snowbank Lake.

-A small plane will provide tactical direction to all operations from the air.

-Float planes will conduct reconnaissance and support operations.

OUTLOOK: Firing activities are expected to be completed today. Dry weather trends are predicted into mid-September making the burn out operation important for providing for public safety. Decreasing fuels in this area will decrease the potential for fire to spread outside the Wilderness boundary.

SAFETY: There are no imminent threats to public safety or private properties. There are no closures at this time. Due to recent dry conditions, douse campfires completely until cold to the touch.

DATE OF DETECTION: August 18, 2011

CAUSE: Lightning CURRENT SIZE: 720 acres burned. Acreage should be expected to rise due to the burn out operation.

LOCATION: Township 63 N, Range 9 W, Sections 30, 31, 32: approximately 14 miles east of Ely (within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness) in the Pagami Creek area between the South Kawishiwi River, Clearwater Lake, and Lake One.

AGENCY: Superior National Forest, Kawishiwi Ranger District

STATUS: Fire activity continued yesterday with smoldering, creeping and group tree torching.

SMOKE CONDITIONS: Depending on wind directions, visitors may see and smell smoke.

RESOURCES: Minnesota Interagency Incident Management Team B is managing the fire with 108 personnel. Public safety crews are in place to provide contact with Wilderness visitors.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Phone (218) 365-3177 Internet: www.inciweb.org/incident/2534 Follow us on Twitter@inciweb