Where’s the Media at Mush for a Cure?

     Today is a very special day because it’s the 2012 Mush for a Cure Sled Dog FUNdraiser.  The teams are lining up out on the lake and the Skijor/Short Course Race is just about to begin.  It’s quite the awesome sight to see all of the dog trucks out on the lake in a semi-circle getting ready to run. 

     The dogs are excited, the mushers & spectators are thrilled and there should be some official news team covering this awesome event.  Last year over $28,000 was raised in pledges and this year we’re on track to beat that. 

     This is news, good news and great fun so if you’re in the area, come on up and join us.  The big run starts at noon at Gunflint Pines and finishers will arrive at Trail Center all afternoon.

    Hope to see you and thank you very MUSH for your support.