Where’s the Beach?



    I’ve been meaning to get out and take some pictures of just how high the water has gotten this month.  This morning I finally got around to doing it.  I drove around to a few of the entry points into Saganaga and Seagull to give you an idea of just how high it is.  I even went to one of my favorite places, the Seagull Beach, only to find out there was no beach left at all!  The first two photos are of our canoe pile, the one photo was taken on the 9th of October and the other was taken today.

<%image(20071026-highwateroct25.jpg|300|200|October 26, 2007)%>


     The next photo is of the Saganaga Public Landing on Sag Lake Trail.  There used to be a nice gravel area to drive around when backing a boat into the lake.  Now to get around the pole you must drive through the water.

<%image(20071026-publiclandingsag.jpg|200|300|Sag Lake Trail Landing)%>

      This photo is of the landing at the Trail’s End Campground.  As you can see the signs are now in the water and the water is still coming up each day.

<%image(20071026-gulllakeland.jpg|300|200|Gull Lake Landing)%>


The last two photos are at Seagull Lake.  As you can see there is nothing left of the beach…

<%image(20071026-seagulllake.JPG|300|200|Seagull Lake Landing)%>
<%image(20071026-seagullbeach.jpg|200|300|Seagull Lake Beach)%>